T Bar Row for One Inch and Two Inches Widest 360 Degree landmine

  • Rs. 1,499.00

  • Fits 1" standard bar and 2" Olympic bar. 2 sets of bolts with different size for installing to tube frames. A tightening knob included for securing 2" Olympic bar
  • T bar landmine is perfect for weight lifting, bodybuilding & cross fitness to build and train the core and back as well as the arms, extremely versatile allowing for both olympic and standard barbells to be used.
  • t bar, can be attached to under a door, pipe or drilled onto ground. Fits 1-inch standard and 2-inch olympic bars: fits all standard and olympic bars. Perfect for home use, commercial gyms
  • full 360 degree swivel for variety of exercises. Great for total body workout: triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs, hamstrings and legs.